The Vision:

Promoting strong ties between Denmark and Asia, for the mutual benefit of all parties involved.


The Mission:

Asia House provides a direct access to Asia. We are a neutral and financially independent non-governmental organisation with strong historic ties to Asia. We host events, share information and connect stakeholders across organisational divides, be it private companies, public institutions, business organisations, academia, or specific individuals. We operate on the philosophy that opportunities arise from synergies.

  • We provide a unique platform for networking towards Asia. We are well connected with a broad range of stakeholders, from major companies and high-level decision makers to NGO’s and SME’s. We maintain strong relationships with Asian ambassadors, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, its embassies in Asia and other relevant Danish ministries. Asia House provides an ideal meeting ground for those involved in Danish/Asian relations; discreet, friendly and historical.
  • We create and share relevant information on Asia. We publish a monthly newsletter and stage a wide range of seminars and events for partners, members and the public. On a general level, we translate academic knowledge into a commercial context, providing the basis for new business opportunities.
  • We provide a solid project model. Benefitting from Asia House facilities, network and a professional understanding of both commercial interests and the Asian context, we carry out projects that combine the interests of many stakeholders. The EAC Foundation can provide funding for the initial feasibility studies, if the project is deemed relevant and scalable to our general vision.

We welcome all initiatives and project ideas that contribute to our vision of stronger ties between Denmark and Asia.