The East Asiatic Company Benevolent Foundation has joined forces with “Soransk Samfunds Boligfond” to set up a residence hall for students in Copenhagen.

It will be named name “ØK Kollegiet” and is to be established in East Asiatic House close to Langelinie. H. N. Andersen established the East Asiatic Company in 1897 and built the Company’s first headquarters, the neighboring Asia House, in the newly established Free Harbor. The EAC is an integral piece of Danish business history about a company that was designed to be large and international, and quickly achieved an impressive size and international presence, leaving a decisive mark on Danish business history in the first half of the 20th century. By 1970, The EAC was the largest company in the Nordic area measured on turnover, with worldwide activities.

The residence hall will be administered in collaboration with the “Soranernes Hus”, a residence hall established by Boligfonden in Frederiksberg. The EAC Residence Hall will accommodate 16 students, each room with private bathroom and toilet, as well as common areas with good and modern facilities.

Any students enrolled at in a higher education institution can apply for residence, though priority will be given to certain groups of students, primarily students at the State School Sorø Akademi applying for mercantile education with a special interest in international relations and Asia.

It is intended that the college will contribute to giving future business leaders insight into and understanding of the business philosophies and management principles that led to the establishment of the EAC and its subsequent significant international activities.

An agreement has been entered into with Bertelsen & Scheving Architects for the implementation of the project. B & S has participated in several major renovations in connection with Sorø Academy, most recently the ongoing renovation of Sorø Klosterkirke.

The EAC Residence Hal is expected to be ready by autumn of 2020.