The Foundation follows the Recommendations on Foundation Governance, which are available on the website of the Committee on Foundation Governance.

The forms detailing the governance of the EAC Foundation, following these recommendations, are listed below (in Danish):

Transparency and communication. We encourage open communication with our surroundings and the projects in which we are involved. Chairman of the Board is the Foundation’s official spokesperson.

Responsibilities of the Board. The Foundation is led by a self-elected board consisting of five members, elected for a three-year period. Retirement age of board members is 75. For members elected after 2018, the maximum term that can be served on the board is nine years. The work of the Foundation and the board is formulated according to internal Rules of Procedure.

The following information is provided concerning members of the board:

Remuneration of the Board. The remuneration of the board is a fixed amount unrelated to the annual financial result of the Foundation. Individual board member fees are disclosed in note 3 to the 2018 audited account.

Board members

Ove UllerupKenneth P. LucianoMartin Jes IversenThomas Thune AndersenBarbara Scheel Agersnap
PositionChairman of the BoardDirector
Professor and vice dean
Chairman of the BoardDirector
Joined Board20152016201920212023
Period untilUltimo 2026Ultimo 2024Ultimo 2024Ultimo 2026Ultimo 2025
The member's special
Skills and competences
Entrepreneur and company manager
Relations to Danish and Asian research environments ae: businessCompany management and board experienceCompany management and board experience
Other management rolesN/aOther board positionsOther board positionsOther board positionsOther board positions